Afraid Knot Joke

Afraid Knot Joke. The second string says, “don’t worry i got this.”. The bartender says “we can’t serve your kind here.” so the piece of string walks out, rolls in some dirt, and comes back inside.

I'm a frayed knot. funny
I'm a frayed knot. funny from

He walks back up to the bar and orders a beer. He walks back into the bar and approaches the counter. “a piece of string walks into a bar.

**Suggestion For You** At A Formal Event, Roll Your Tie Up Into A Little Bundle Right Below The Knot.

Okay, this is a dumb joke, but you asked for it. A rope walks into a bar. A piece of rope is walking home one day.

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My checker tolled me sew. He was really thirsty and decided to get a drink at a nearby bar. This is a joke best told in person by somebody who's not afraid to go all out with gesticulations and accents.

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So he decides to disguise himself. One rope has to go to the bathroom, and while. Two strings walk into a bar and sit down.

The Bartender Says, Sorry Mate, We Don't Serve Pieces Of String In Here, Get Lost. Upset, The Piece Of String Walks Out The Door.

The next day, he walks into the bar & asks for a beer. “a piece of string walks into a bar. Three ropes walk into a bar.

The Waiter Says, “Hey Aren’t You.

Bartender asked if he’s a rope! Outside he ties himself into a knot, frays his ends, and walks back into the bar. Add to favorites schweinhorn barometer.