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African Jokes Reddit. The lion thinks since the dog is so small he will be easy prey. As the lion approaches he says mmmm, that was some good lion.

Springbok and Rugby World Cup 2019 Jokes and Memes SAPeople
Springbok and Rugby World Cup 2019 Jokes and Memes SAPeople from

Black man walked into the bar with a parrot on his shoulder. A south african, an australian and an englishman are all having a drink. The ukrainian takes a black kid and runs.

There Are Also African Americans Puns For.

Welcome to r/funny, reddit's largest humour depository. Do you know how to get lots of followers… run through africa with a water bottle. We hope you will find these africans.

The Man Is Shocked To See This And Thinks Oh God, That Looks Like Mine! And In Panic He Rushes Home To See If His Fears Are True, Only To Realize That He Was Panicing For Nothing, For There It Still Was, Shining His Shoes.

A young boy sees a tall black man. After 10 minutes the boer came back. A big list of african american jokes!

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As he is finding his way a lion spots him. Sourced from reddit, twitter, and beyond! In south africa, there is so much sand that i never drink from.

An African, An American And An Asian Guy Get Captured By Tribals In A Jungle.

Komaan give me a challenge! the general is a bit annoyed and sent 20 more men. They all disappeared behind the hill. A classic south african van der merwe joke.

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41.3m members in the funny community. If i judged you for being black, i wouldn't have said you were good at anything. A man walks on the street and sees a black man with a new 42 plasma television.