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Anti Religion Jokes. The answer by one student was so profound that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the internet, which is. Religion teaches people to believe in talking snakes.

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Finding belly laughs in holy places. See more ideas about atheist, atheist humor, atheism. There is a sign on the door that says, convert to christianity and receive $100.

So The Drunk Goes Over To The Second Priest And Says, “Man, I’m Jesus Christ!”.

Two jews walk by a christian church. Roses are red, violets are blue, but roses can also be white, and violets should be purple. Religion conditions people to believe things that are blatantly false.

What Did Pirates Call Noah’s Boat?

If you're into jokes that are anticlimatic, this list will surely make the atmosphere in any room lighten up. Finally, i asked a rabbi. If you never sin, jesus died for nothin’.

A Rabbi, A Priest And Bill 'O Reilly Are On Failing Plane With A Bunch Of Kids.

The genie snaps his fingers again, and suddenly atheists all over the world begin to believe in genies. The preacher calmly said “no, god will save me.”. When you're as old as i am and have been a nun as long as i have, you.

The Hurricane Hits, And It's Bad.

A little later, another boat came by and a fisherman asked, “hey, do you need help?”. According to the common understanding of satan's origins, 'holiness' is, metaphorically, frozen stiff in his veins: When a boat came by, the captain yelled, “do you need help, sir?”.

My Husband And I Divorced For Religious Reasons.

The preist and the rabbi look at. As the plane starts to go down they each look at the chutes, then at the kids, then at the chutes. What did god’s people say when food fell from heaven?