Are U Smart Jokes

Are U Smart Jokes. Yes it comes after the third show answer hide answer. First baby (triumphantly) “you have blue socks!”.

20 Jokes Only Smart People Will Understand
20 Jokes Only Smart People Will Understand from

The square root of a squared number is the number itself. These are our favorite clever jokes to make you sound smart. First baby asks second baby “are you a boy baby or a girl baby?”.

Is There A 4Th Of July In England?

There are a lot of ways to make people laugh through a handful of words. We hope you will find these smarties. “when i was your age, i didn’t even know what a lie was.”.

It Helps People In Deciding Their Attire.

John the wise, peter the smart, and jose the dumb. Very smart jokes many people don't think i'm very smart. First baby (triumphantly) “you have blue socks!”.

Tommy Replied, “Well, Then J.

Naseeruddin shah was one of the few courtiers that the sheikh had for actual advice. A plateau is the highest form of flattery. If you're an intelligent person, you might up your game when it comes to humor and make smart jokes that only certain people will understand.

I Will Never Forget Some Of These, And You Better Believe My Friends Are Hearing Them.

I used to think the brain was the most important organ. Once i saw this guy on a bridge about to jump. Why was 500ad to 900ad known as the dark ages?

You, Attorney John, Gave Me $ 50,000 And You, Attorney Sam, Gave Me $ 60,000. The Judge Now Reached Into His Pocket And Pulled Out $ 10,000.

A dumb blonde, a smart blonde and santa claus are playing a. 15 jokes which are smart and stupid at the same time. He lived with his mother in a small town.