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Asian Supplies Joke. Suddenly the plane loses control and the pilot says, if three people jump off, the rest can survive. His name is fu ming.

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I'm still china another job. Most honorable sir, you leave house, he come to house. It's saturday night why aren't you studying?

The Inventors Of The First Successful Aeroplane's Parents Were Asian.

The man replies give me the good news first, doc. the doctor says the good news is we currently have that raccoon in our supply closet. He said i made too many asian jokes about their dialect. A man goes to the doctor.

The Guy Said,” Wow” And Her Friend Says She Means 363629.

I'm still china another job. I'm sorry to bother you sir, but my car broke down about a. So he starts to walk to wear he heard the sound.

He Kiss She, She Kiss He.

As long as you can pronounce and recognize chinese. The irishman says, i couldnt find a broom. Why don’t asian people like bowling?

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The doctor says i've got good news and bad news. The hispanic guy goes this is for my people and jumps off. The black guy ask was that noise.

The Foreman Points Out A Huge Pile Of Sand And Says To The Italian, You're In Charge Of Sweeping. To The Scotsman He Says, You're In Charge Of Shovelling. And To The Chinese Man He Says, You're In Charge Of Supplies.

The foreman points at a pile of debris and tells the american, i need you to shovel this pile into the dumpster. he tells the german, i want you to sweep up after him. he tells chinese guy, you're in charge of supp. Chinese and asian jokes by wesleyana(f): He and she leave house, i follow.