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Ask And Answer Jokes. Every time i told them people laugh, no matter age or condition. A man walks into a restaurant with an emu by his side.

The Ultimate Funny Trick Questions Collection
The Ultimate Funny Trick Questions Collection from

Because it said concentrate on the side of the can. These are the funniest what do you call jokes that are in question and answer form. How do you get an elephant into a vw?

But Hay, It’s In My Jeans.

He then turns to the emu and nods. There is a fine line between riddles and jokes. Then one day, john died, leaving ned inconsolable.

Why Do We Like Volcanoes?

Bean after a little while: She thought she would dye (die) 2. Get ready to grab your sides because they are about to hurt from all the laughter!

The Man Says, “I Didn’t Know Dogs Could Talk.”.

The house is on the north pole, so the bear is white. The waitress asks for their orders. 4 tagalog jokes to make her laugh.

Question And Answer Jokes What Was The Reason For The Confused Looking Woman Staring At The Can Of Frozen Apple Juice For Twenty Minutes?

What is the definition of a will? The third one is filled with jewelry. What did grandma do when she saw her first strands of grey hair?

Every Time I Told Them People Laugh, No Matter Age Or Condition.

A short time later the waitress returns with the order and says: Following that logic, this rhetorical joke doesn’t have an answer either. Enjoy the best question answer jokes ever!