Australia Upside Down Joke Meaning

Australia Upside Down Joke Meaning. You’ve clearly never tried carlton draught. They couldn't find a name for the new cricket shop.

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Could be because australia has a higher profile in the northern hemisphere than other nations in the southern hemisphere. In the middle of lunch one of them jumps up and says, bugger. Americans say australia is upside down because they can't handle the fact they're upside down and we're (aussies) the right way up.

You’ve Clearly Never Tried Carlton Draught.

I don't understand the name not much australians even give a shit about a american pest. Here is a list of australian puns inspired by their love for this gentlemen's game. If you want to make a joke about the entire state of queensland being a breeding ground for a racist bigot army, go nuts.

Australia Is Home To Some Of The Most Beautiful Beaches In The World.

So of course, at the google sydney office in australia, google has placed this. While fosters is an australian brand, it’s not the beer of choice for aussies and is much more popular with the british. Why is australia the only southern hemisphere country subject to 'upside down' jokes?

Oh Wow, I Was Looking At It For A While And Until I Read This Post I Thought All The Text Was Upside Down.

It took until roughly 2011 for memes to appear online centered around the latter topic. In fact, fosters isn’t even one of our top 10 favourite beers. But at least make the jokes funny or original, stop recycling trash jokes.

I See It A Lot And Imagine It's Because We're On The Opposite Side Of America.

In the middle of lunch one of them jumps up and says, bugger. This term is just the australian way to say “swimsuit” or “bathing suit.”. An australian, an irishman and a scouser are in a bar.

They Couldn't Find A Name For The New Cricket Shop.

A joke about australia being upside down? A guy takes his car in to the mechanic after it mysteriously stops working. This joke may contain profanity.