Bad Driver Jokes One Liners

Bad Driver Jokes One Liners. The passenger turns and looks back and says: “the driver just insulted me!”.

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90 best Golf Jokes & Humor images on Pinterest Golf humor, Chistes from

Went to the national traffic wardens’ association dinner last night. “tell him to get lost. Because the priest was so quiet, bob forgo.

Enamored With Her, He Asks If He Can Have Sex With Her.

A lorry load of pepper mills has crashed. He began an epic struggle and had to be tranquilized by the medics. The priest is quietly studying his bible.

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Now i can cd cars in my blind spot. Never thought i would thank someone for pushing me around. The doctor gave me one year to live, so i shot him with my gun.

Two Guys Driving In The Highway With Broken Side Mirror Car.

My wife told me she’s sick of me pushing her around and talking behind her back. A married truck driver goes into a brothel. Can you look if there any car is coming.

I Said, “Well, You Are In A Wheelchair.”.

Bob gets bored on long drives, so he came up with a game. A man gets on a bus, and ends up sitting next to a very attractive nun. “ugh, most unattractive baby i have ever seen!”.

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Naturally, she says no, and gets off the bus. When your name is lando, and you're in nando’s car, and you nearly crash. “tell him to get lost.