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Bad Knee Jokes. We collected only funny knee jokes around the web. Some people have bad knees but i have fun knees.

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What kind of tea is hard to swallow?… reality. A communist joke is not funny unless everyone gets it. Position right forefinger and thumb on either side of cat's mouth and gently apply pressure to cheeks while holding pill in right hand.

Mickey Mouse Went To The Hospital And.

Their importance and their position within the body makes knee jokes funny to many people. I lied about the wheels. He wheezed for a minute, then ordered a chocolate sundae.

Why Can’t A Nose Be 12 Inches Long?…Because Then It’d Be A Foot.

My dad has thrown me some pretty good/bad dad jokes in his time. Sometimes i tuck my knees into my chest and lean forward. He really went out on a ‘limb.’.

Two Legs Got In A Fight At A Bar.

He waited in the ticket line for a really long time but got the tickets. That leg is a real stickler for rules. A list of puns related to knee slapping *slap knee* repeat x 5.

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My friends pier pressured me into it. Unless you’re prepared for the reaper cushions. We hope you will find these bad knee wearing socks puns funny enough.

Knee Surgery Puns And Jokes.

He just loves to toe the line. Please share your best ones! He went to buy flowers for his date and the line at the florist.