Bad Popsicle Stick Jokes

Bad Popsicle Stick Jokes. The worker replies, “why, that’s a thermos! Prankster trolls the sh*t out of a girl who likes him.

Popsicle Stick Joke (4) Pleated Jeans
Popsicle Stick Joke (4) Pleated Jeans from

The pilot turns to his three passengers and says, the plane's gps is broken. The worker replies, “why, that’s a thermos! They eat whatever bugs them.

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Show more comments close comments. After you finish the ice pop, you can then read the answer to the question of the other end of the stick. A popsicle is the kind of snack that apart from being sweet and icy, it is sometimes also (not) funny and amusing.

And Thats Why We Love Them Of Course Because Theyre So Bad Theyre Funny.

Intrigued, the man decides to buy i. 2nd kid says thats nothing, my dad drives so fast the road tears apart. Enjoy reading these popsicle puns on a hot day, guaranteed to be cooler than your refrigerator.

Jason Kreher And Matt Moore Are Here To Wreck Those Memories.

Where do dogs despise going shopping? The worker replies, “why, that’s a thermos! A frenchman, englishman, and an american are flying in an airplane on a cloudy, storming night when suddenly the plane is struck by lightning.

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What’s the best way for a thread to get to school? What do you call a square that’s been in an accident? These are a bunch of very juvenile jokes that we used to say when we were kids.

A Man Walks Into A Grocery Store.

Posted at 10:03 am 73,857 notes permalink ∞ A man walks into a grocery store. What is the most difficult aspect of learning to ride a bike?