Bad Referee Jokes

Bad Referee Jokes. He went to buy flowers for his date and the line at the florist. “messi scored a goal that would have.

Is Judging the Real Problem? The stumbling blocks to “Pro” 40k
Is Judging the Real Problem? The stumbling blocks to “Pro” 40k from

He replied, mongoose vs snakes are on field 1, ants vs frogs play on field 2. quit monkeying around, the bird chuckled, i just want to know which field. The ref and me both shook our heads laughing. One prick and it is gone forever.

After A While, The Barman Wanders Over And Starts Talking To The Referee And Says:

Do you know how to save a drowning lawyer? He went to rent a limo and waited at the rental line for very long, but he eventually rented it. One more, and i can make a basketball team! the english says:

Where Can You Find A Good Lawyer?

The father sighs and says: Following is our collection of funny referee jokes. A guy took his girlfriend to prom.

The Ref And Me Both Shook Our Heads Laughing.

Staying in bed and calling for a nurse to bring me more pudding. Why did the refs stop play in the washington capitals game? Sourced from reddit, twitter, and beyond!

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They turn off the playstation 4. Here are the top 15 worst referees in sports history: A big list of ref jokes!

He Went To Buy Flowers For His Date And The Line At The Florist.

You can see the marks from cleats showing where the offending players stomped the injured player's ankle. A coach known for disagreeing with the referee’s decisions approached the referee after a match and said: After a few drinks, the giraffe falls over and dies.