Bald Head Jokes One Liners

Bald Head Jokes One Liners. You don't have a forehead, you have more like a 6 or 7 head. What is six inches long, has a bald head, and drives blondes crazy?

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I’m not saying you’re going bald, but you’ll find waldo before you find your hairline. Enjoy these classic jokes and roasts. My father in law just told me this joke.

What Is Six Inches Long, Has A Bald Head, And Drives Blondes Crazy?

What special day do bald people celebrate? The first one says, “i wanna be a plumber, so i can fix the pipes in here.”. See more ideas about balding, funny, bones funny.

However A Flippant Comment From Someone Has Made Them Paranoid That They Need To Get There Hair Sorted Before It Gets Any Worse.

We just shot the pilot. 🙂 * with a body like this, who needs hair! Roby's father said, go be the headliner of your life. so he went ahead and became a rockstar.

“A Bald Spot Is Like A Lie, The Bigger It Gets The Harder It Is To Cover Up”.

Enjoy the best bald jokes ever! I guess that's why you have hair. Bald men put it to better use.

Well, You Know What They Say About Balding.

I want a haircut please. Or even share them with with a few friends! James gunn trolls fans online by playfully sharing a fake.

Your Hairline’s So Far Back You Need Binoculars To See It.

Apparently neil armstrong used to tell unfunny jokes about the moon, and then follow up with, ah, i guess you had to be there. i'm going to make a tv series about a plane hijacking. Be careful when you rub it; A man with a bald head and a wooden leg gets invited to a hallowe'en party.