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Batman Birthday Jokes. (tune of 1960's theme) dinner dinner dinner dinner batman!!! “no, my dad did, but the person, who did by birth certificate, was a complete moron!”.

Batman Help Wanted Cartoons Birthday Card Dan Piraro
Batman Help Wanted Cartoons Birthday Card Dan Piraro from

Its not who i am underneath but what i do that defines me. The pictures were pitched dark as batman forgot to invite the flash. Take your time to read those puns and riddles where you ask a question with answers, or where the setup is the punchline.

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How does batman's mother call him to dinner? And goes back talking on the phone. 12.why is it a good idea to become friends with babies?

(Tune Of 1960'S Theme) Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Batman!!!

What does bruce wayne give to kids on hot summer days? “alfred, why is the batremote for the battv is not working?”. The batman is an american animated television series produced by warner bros.

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The boy wrote that down.he then went to his father watching a football commercial saying hell yeah!so the boy wrote that down.the boy went to his little sister and his sister said lollipop, lollipopso the boy wrote that down.the boy went to his little brother and the brother said dundunununun, batman!so. What is a batman’s favorite part of a joke? Because he always get the joker.

Shared Year Round Funny Batman Jokes Are Very Popular Among Children, And They Are A Great Way To Share Some Fun At A Birthday Party Or Other Event.

Enjoy our team's carefully selected birthday jokes. The mom to the naughty vampire said to him, “watch your battitude, that is not how you talk to your elders.”. Why did the boy soap as a birthday present?

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What do you call it when batman skips church? So if you’re reading this with your kids, we hope you’re ready to hear these until the next batman movie comes out. Batman and batman and robin.