Beachbody Coaches Are A Joke

Beachbody Coaches Are A Joke. Beachbody coaches share reputable products that work! Kim and kalee (us!) started coaching back in 2011!!


I got the certification, and i chose one that had an excellent reputation (nsca). What team beachbody coaches don’t do: Beachbody has already done all of the hard work and created workout programs that come with meals plans, and that when followed like they are designed to be followed, will produce amazing results.

Beachbody Coaches Share Reputable Products That Work!

How much does it cost to be a beachbody coach? Now let’s take a look at what you would do to work your beachbody coaching business. On top of the monthly $15.95 coaching fee, you have to make sure you are making monthly purchases that equal a minimum pv or a “point value” to stay active.

If You're A Beachbody Coach There's No Reason To Take This Personally.

There’s not real social proof. Will earn you a base 25% commission per order. Force people to buy beachbody products.

Beachbody Has Already Done All Of The Hard Work And Created Workout Programs That Come With Meals Plans, And That When Followed Like They Are Designed To Be Followed, Will Produce Amazing Results.

I feel like i fell for the biggest scam of all time. That would all depend on a lot of factors. Only 30% of them stay in the company for more than a year.

If Your Team Are Crazy Super Star Selling You May Make $500.

From my experience, being a beachbody coach is not worth it because it’s way too time consuming for little to no reward, and you basically have to lie to get a sale. For me, $400 a month, i looked at it this way, when is someone’s employer going to give them a $400 raise a month, in this economy, or in a great economy? But what beachbody coach is, is a scheme whereby everyone who signs up has access to all the products provided by the beachbody company.

Top Ten 15 Star Superstar Diamond Beachbody Coach Tarah Carr Talks About Beachbody Coaching, Is It A Joke, Scam And Why You Need To Know.

They don’t provide tips or advice on form, or help people create meal plans. When you recruit someone, you don’t tell them all the work you have to do. The 21 day fix work.