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Best Autistic Jokes. My blonde wife is staunchly opposed to my kids having a vacation. Acording to several autism experts, john travolta's son, jett, had autism.

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I love joking about my condition and situation. However their religion, scientology, doesn't believe in any sort of mental disorders. A new study shows that unvaccinated children are.

A New Study Shows That Unvaccinated Children Are.

Understanding jokes and being able to tell a joke may be one of the best predictors of social success for a child with an autism spectrum disorder. Can you say thanks in hungarian? John travolta's son had autism.

There Are Some Autist Rembrandt Jokes No One Knows ( To Tell Your Friends) And To Make You Laugh Out Loud.

There are many things which are unequivocally rude: A big list of autism spectrum jokes! If you're looking for dirty, lowbrow and totally hilarious deez nuts jokes, you're in the right place!

Post Your Best Autism Jokes (Humour) As Self Deprecating Or Offensive As You Want.

I do it with all of my issues, and autism isn’t an exception. Telling deez nuts jokes is a funny way to direct a conversation into utter nonsense! My friends keep telling me i’m on the autism spectrum.i can never tell if they’re joking or not.

The Officer Notices The Handicap Parking Pass And Asks.

What are horses’ best friends? Being let out on a busy road and not giving a nod of thanks: I dont mean to pry but how are you dissabled.

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Two autists walk into a bar, one verbal one nonverbal. Sorry sir it wont happen again. Following is our collection of funny autistic jokes.