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Best Short Jokes Reddit. Two guys walk into a bar, the third guy ducks. This is your captain speaking, and this is your captain shouting. this seems like it should be a leslie nealson joke in an airplane movie or something.

Best Short Joke Reddit
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The question that received almost 19k upvotes was followed by many hilarious jokes that people were proud to share. His father says, son, now you've got a child of your own, i think it's time you had this. and with that, he pulls out a book called, 1001 dad. And here’s 50 of the very best answers:

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A guy walks into a bar. I bought my friend an. I once bought some used paint.

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Reddit ios reddit android rereddit best communities communities about reddit blog careers press. Suddenly she hears a distinct tapping noise from the graves on her left. What is your best short joke?

Three Men Die Together In An Accident And Are Sent To Hell.

Oh man that really sucks! I told her to pack her shit and get the hell out! Two guys walk into a bar, the third guy ducks.

When The Bill Arrives, Mike, Dave And John Will E.

What do you call a guy who falls overboard and can’t swim? There's no joke i can actually say to short people, the sound from up here won't even reach them. This goes straight into the 'jokes my dad is gonna love' category.

Guy Gets A Hotel Room And Asks For A Hooker.

Yo momma's got a peanut butter wig with jelly sideburns. “why the big pause?” asks the bartender. You get to hide your own easter eggs.