Better Nate Than Lever Joke

Better Nate Than Lever Joke. His purpose in life was to stay in the desert and guard the lever. I have the soundbyte of him saying nate is a snake who wrangles levers stuck in my head.

There Was A Snake Named Nate.
There Was A Snake Named Nate. from

The workers decide not to pull the lever just in case. The steamroller driver breathed a sigh of relief and exclaimed, better nate than lever. budump bum.. There was a road which wound through the woods.

The First Three Bites From Nate Change You In Whatever Way You Desire.the Fourth, However, Can Only Grant One Thing.

He glanced over at sammy and saw that sammy realized the same thing. What follows next will blow your mind. Billy bob wanted a job as a signalman on the railways.

The Funniest Nate Jokes Only!

The funniest nathan jokes only! Well, better nate than lever. 0. Much too late, the old lady who was driving (again, at reckless speeds), saw the snake, and saw the lever with.

It Was Special Because On The Side Of The Tree There Was A Lever — And.

Something about a very large object that had to be moved. His purpose in life was to stay in the desert and guard the lever. John and bob were going to california to spend some time at the beach.

They Don't Make Them Better Than That.

Posted by tim wycislak at 4:09 am. Once upon a time there was a snake named nate who lived in the woods. But, on his way there, he was run over by the car, and was never to be seen again.

On The First Experience Of Hearing This Joke, One Might Initially Assume That It Falls Under The Category Of ‘Shaggy Dog’ Jokes, Where A Story/Joke/Etc.

He was told to meet the inspector at the signal box. I'm trying to find the better nate than lever joke but it's not in the forums. I mean, it was better nate than lever.