Blew A Seal Joke

Blew A Seal Joke. Luckily, he's pretty close to gas station. An arctic seal walks into a bar.

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An alaskan woman having car trouble pulls her station wagon into the local exxon service station and has it looked over.the chillyland. Aside from smiling while being reminded of the joke about the penguin who broke down in the desert and got covered with ice cream while the car was being worked. He gets out to look and sees oil dripping out of the motor.

The Penguin Doesn't Have Hands So He Gets Ice Cream All Over His Flippers And Beak.

No, it's just mayonaise. 0. Funny jokes, more than 10,000 jokes on your iphone or android ! Blown a seal , the man replies no, it's just frost on my moustache.

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Accidently blew up the toilet. He pulled into the next service station and asked the walrus there to take a look at it. What sort of cinemas do.

No, Walrus Oil Gives The Best Seal!.

“ma'am it looks like you blew a seal.” the alaskan woman. Navy seal and an apple watch. The bartender asks what'll you have.

All Of Sudden His Car Breaks Down.

Can you still need to save whales. So the penguin heads back to the mechanic and asks him if he figured out whats wrong with his car. Ma'am it looks like you blew a seal. the alaskan woman replies wiping her face:

Mechanic Tells Penguin It Will Be A While, So The Penguin Goes To The Shop Across The Road And Get Some Yummy Vanilla Icecream.

All of sudden his car breaks down. A big list of seal jokes! Blowing a sealso a penguin is driving his car in the desert.