Brutal Fat Jokes

Brutal Fat Jokes. I have a stepladder because my real ladder left when i. And if you want some more dark humor, check out our best dark jokes.

Brutal Video on Overpaid Firefighters International Liberty
Brutal Video on Overpaid Firefighters International Liberty from

You can't cut me down, the tree complains. “never make fun of a fat person; Can you give me a compliment?”.

Then She Looks At Its Eyes.

82.25 % / 3454 votes. How is a woman like a condom? That's funny, 'cause i was gonna say you might wanna lean away from that fire since you're soaked in alcohol. lucille:

Yo Momma So Fat When She Steps On The Scales My Phone Number Comes Up I Said Yo Momma So Fat That When She Steps On Scales It Says To Be Continued.

The hunter gets back on the phone and says “ok, now what?”. The best 20 brutal jokes. I will look at him. the vet picks up the cat and examines its teeth.

Someday I Am Sure That You Will Go Far.

“i have an imaginary girlfriend.”. I think he might be dead!”. So he asks her, did i come here to die? the nurse replies, nope, you came here yesterday. :d.

“Never Make Fun Of A Fat Person;

“you know, you could do better.”. The hunter replies “my friend just passed out and i don’t know what to do! Say what you will about pedophiles.

At Least They Drive Slowly Through School Zones.

I told my friend dis cause we had a cus match and she said: A weak to a fat: He saw his wonderful mother mary.