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By My Initials Joke. Syllable apostrophe suffix adjective pronunciation slang prefix epithet synonym phrase noun lexicon surname colloquialism shorthand initials verb word pinyin radar semantic shortening form period. If your name is john o’sullivan, your initials can be jos or jo, depending on your preference.

HUMOR The Initial Team
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Put on makeup/show off your pretty eyes. See more ideas about jokes, acronym, bones funny. Sos is certainly not the worst set of initials out there (suk is far worse, for instance).

Then Finally One Day, While Camping Under The Tree, It Fell And Killed Them All.

I took my epileptic cousin to his first laser show. Be around people, everyone seems to adore you. The little boy and the gravestones.

My Name Is Bill Gates And Today, I Will Be Teaching You How To Count To Ten:

The sheriff is a bit surprised at first but gets over his initial shock and arrests the cowboy for indecent exposure. Put on makeup/show off your pretty eyes. Funniest jokes new jokes funniest my name is jokes.

I Didn't Fight My Way To The Top Of The.

Call me by my initials . Enjoy these great navy jokes. I bet we'll guess correctly!

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He was literally shaking with excitement. A woman takes her little boy to visit their dead relatives' gravestones at a cemetery. When they saw their church, it was very run down and needed much work.

Some Of Those Combinations Have Positive.

When my boss told the same story, everyone cracked up, especially the producer, who immediately wanted to use it during. Press j to jump to the feed. My name is jokes contents.