Cheesy Water Jokes

Cheesy Water Jokes. “to brie, or not to brie, that is the question!”. A list of puns related to water jokes if you are offended by my dad jokes, don’t get mad and ask me to go to the artificial excavation filled with water.

Ooooops!!! Save water!!! Funny puns, Cheesy jokes
Ooooops!!! Save water!!! Funny puns, Cheesy jokes from

A priest is baptizing a man. With a good joke, they can turn any frown upside down. As they run through the jungle, the gorilla gets a bit of a lead, and sees a british safari camp ahead.

I Read A Magazine Near The Pool Once, It Had No Depth.

Jokes are a mom’s best friend! The fourth one with clean water. The gorilla then takes off running, with the very angry lion on his heels.

45) So Long Boiled Water.

My cat was just sick on the carpet, i don’t think it. Try not to laugh, cheesy jokes with waterthanks for checking out one of our videos. What did the judge say when the skunk walked in the court room?

Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Cheesy Jokes, Which May Improve Your Body But Will Definitely Improve Your Mood.

A priest decides to show some concrete examples about a sinful life during sunday mass. What did the cheese say to call a bear? Looking to flex your muscles and burn a few quick calories?

All The Other Guys Were Nines Or Tens. I Just Swallowed A Stack Of Scrabble Tiles By Accident.

44) my friend can't afford to pay his water bill. My next poop could spell disaster! What do you call a boat that’s fully automated?

**_If You Work At A Water Bottle.

Remember to like, comment & subscribe oh & hit that notification bell, so. How do you make a waterbed more bouncy? The first jar is filled with alcohol.