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Chinese Joke Supplies. Keep practicing, leave a comment, or ask a teacher. One day the foreman has to keep an early appointment, so he leaves the black guy and the white guy in charge of building, and leaves the chinese guy in charge of supplies.

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When he comes back in an hour, the cement is all set and bricks are all in place, but the chinese man is nowhere to be found. This is a joke about english for chinese people. Supplies! a black guy, a white guy, and a chinese guy, each get a job on a construction site.

Today At Tutormandarin, You Will Learn The Chinese Language By Learning Chinese Jokes.

A dutch, english and chinese man survive a boat accident and wash up on an island. You left the chinaman in charge of supplies and he disappeared. the italian says and i couldn't find a shovel. For beginners, it might be difficult to catch the punchline.

Keep Practicing, Leave A Comment, Or Ask A Teacher.

Jokes are a great icebreaker and can help you build rapport with other people. This is a great scene from the weird al film uhf A joke i heard while working in china a few years ago.

A Dutch, English And Chinese Man Wash Up On An Island.

It’s all part of the chinese language learning journey! However, 失败人/失敗人 means “loser.” 4. As long as you can pronounce and recognize chinese.

We’ll Ease You In With The Simplest One Out Of The Bunch, A Joke With A Punchline That’s Understandable And Funny In Both Chinese And English.

Because in china, the direction right is yòu, then if you want to say something or. When he asks where the chinese man is, the chinese man jumps out of the bush and yells “supplies!”. Thats why your name is ching chang chong.

This Is A Joke About English For Chinese People.

That make everything better and i go to work. 所 以,很 抱 歉, 他 只 有 下 次 再 来 。. This joke, like many chinese jokes, plays on homophones, or characters that have the same sound but a different meaning.