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Chris Norris Jokes. Chuck norris can drown a fish. They start by picking a color.

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Chuck norris can slam revolving doors. The dark is afraid of chuck norris. It's not dead, it's just afraid to move.

Superman Owns A Pair Of Chuck Norris Undies.

Chuck norris has a mug of nails instead of coffee in the morning. Read, digest, laugh, nod in agreement. Arnold schwarzenegger, sylvester stallone and chuck norris are sitting in a boat boat.

Mission Impossible Was Originally Set In Chuck Norris’s House.

It’s called the guinness book of world records. The actor, author and martial artist began acting in the ‘70s, alongside the likes of dean martin and bruce lee. Chuck norris once roundhouse kicked someone so hard that his foot broke the speed of light, went back in time, and killed amelia earhart while she was flying over the pacific ocean.

When Chuck Norris Does Division, There Are No Remainders.

Chuck norris built the hospital he was born in. Chuck norris knows victoria’s secret. Chuck norris’ tears cure cancer.

He Stares Them Down Until He Gets The Information He Wants.

Chuck norris can speak braille. Chuck norris threw a grenade and killed 50 people. Fear of chuck norris is called logic.

Because Not Even Glass Is Dumb Enough To Get In Between Chuck Norris And Chuck Norris.

These are the top 100 chuck norris jokes for 2022. Here you will find a great collection of silly, corny and funny chuck norris jokes for fans, fanatics, followers, groupies and everyone else who likes awesome celebrity jokes. Chuck norris has a grizzly bear carpet in his room.