Clean Blond Jokes

Clean Blond Jokes. They found a lamp and rubbed it. Short, dumb, clean, hilarious one liners 1.

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In order to keep the bank from repossessing the ranch, they need to purchase a bull so that they can breed their own stock. The first blonde said, those are deer tracks. the second blonde said, no, those are elk tracks. the third blonde said, you're both wrong, those are moose tracks. Her husband is out looking for the other man.

These Hilarious Jokes Prove That Blondes Really Do Have More Fun.

Blonde jokes are funny ways to poke fun at blondes. The operator quickly responded, “give me your address and i’ll send the police right away.”. The bank officer says the bank will have to have some kind of security.

Why Don't You Take The Black One And I'll Take The White One! Another Joke:

She can't find the eleven. Why is the blonde's brain the size of a pea in the morning? The redhead walks in with a huge long sword.

I Don’t Know, My Doctor Advised Me To Drink Less.

They have just lost their bull. A blonde, a redhead, and a brunette were all lost in the desert. I’ve heard that christmas will be on friday this year.

She Stuck Her Head Out And Said, “Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes…”.

A blind man walks into a bar. Three blondes girls were walking in the woods and came upon tracks. A blonde and a redhead have a ranch.

The Second One Said, “No, It’s Wolf Tracks” And Before The Third One Could Answer, They Got Hit By A Train.

She comes into work the next day and proudly claims, us blondes are smarter than you realise, i know all of the state capitals, test me and i'll tell you the answer. He told her to stick her head out the window and see if the blinker worked. They are playful ways to joke about the intelligence of blonde women.