Clean Dark Jokes

Clean Dark Jokes. You can’t complain about your shit. The not so supportive dad being dark.

Dark Humor Alarmingly Bad
Dark Humor Alarmingly Bad from

I don’t have a carbon footprint. My thoughts are with his family. I'm good friends with 25 letters of the alphabet.

That’s Fine, I’m Fine, My Face Is Melting But I’m Great!

At the same time, there are many fans of dark humor who like puns with not just a pinch of salt but a bag of carolina reapers. This cringey joke sounds like a threat! Weird) sense of humour, then welcome to the dark side, friends.

My Parents Raised Me As An Only Child, Which Really Pissed Off My Brother.

So we thought, we'd bring to you some of the hilarious memes that'll be your. The guy who stole my diary just died. The book must go back to the shelf to help someone else in need.

I Can't Take My Dog To The Park Because The Ducks Keep Trying To Bite Him.

Guess, it’s a taste of the privileged. A little bit of french…. The sweet sound of an anonymous gunshot.

Instead Of It Being Funny.

I still don’t know how i feel about that. You can’t complain about your shit. When asked about how the clean jokes community is doing, ccm596 said that they are honestly very happy with the state of the subreddit.

I Have A Stepladder Because My Real Ladder Left When I Was Just A Kid.

Imma tell ya all a. Exactly 2,742, the lumberjack replies. It’s a collection of my 40 favorite orphan jokes.