Clean Elvis Jokes

Clean Elvis Jokes. I grab my laser gun. I lost my pet mouse elvis the other night.

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Note in mailbox requests that you rub him tender. He finishes up the tattoo and tells the old lady to check it out. Security camera shows the guy only from the waist up.

That Stripper Last Night Had Some Mighty Bushy Sideburns.

Elvis' entourage, the memphis mafia, had 12 members. Elvis’s income dropped from nearly $500,000 a month to $78 a month after he was drafted into the u.s. What make of cars do elves drive?

The Tattoo Guy Complies, But When He's Done, The Woman Looks At The Result And Says That Doesn't Look Like Elvis At All! The Guy Says, I Can't Do Anything To Remove It, But I Could Try Again On The Other Thigh.

Elvis' very first band was a trio. The pope leaves vatican city for an official trip to america.after his flight lands, he is ushered off the plane by the pilot, who says to him welcome to america, elvis. Tried to book tickets for an elvis tribute night.

After Some Contemplation And Looking From Thigh To Thigh, The Boyfriend.

Going through some old pages, i spotted that elvis comes up frequently, so here are lots of those puns and one liners collated as a collection of elvis jokes. The paramedics found him and realised he was in shock and so they told him, mr. What do you call an elf who won’t share?

As Long As It's Not Real.

Signs you're being stalked by an elvis impersonator: As normal, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality…. Signs you're being stalked by an elvis impersonator:

“Yeah, I Was A Virgin Until Last Night.”.

Elvis had the famous 1968 comeback tv special. To which the pope replies, oh, my son, i am not elvis. I'm your number one fan!