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Clone Wars Jokes. 37 of them, in fact! “lair of grievous,” season one, episode 10.

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A big list of cloning jokes! Long before memes turned general grievous and his love of collecting lightsabers into a joke, the 2008 animated series star wars: In all seriousness, fives' death in season 6 is one of the saddest moments in the whole series.

Long Before Memes Turned General Grievous And His Love Of Collecting Lightsabers Into A Joke, The 2008 Animated Series Star Wars:

How many sith does it take to screw in a hyperdrive? The scientist was at a loss, and deeply embarrassed by his clone's behavior. What goes, “ha, ha, ha, haaaa….

In This War, A Danger There Is, Of Losing Who We Are.”.

What do you call it when only one star wars character gives you a. I know what you’re getting for christmas. The clone wars turned the separatist leader into a shadow of his former self.

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Make sure to share them with your family and friends: “to answer power with power, the jedi way this is not. Ten minutes into the meal, luke’s still having trouble with the chopsticks, dropping food everywhere.

Instead Of Being Set Between Two Movies.

The best 46 clone jokes. Clone jokes that are not only about lookalike but actually working anthropomorphic puns like scientists are cloning john lennon and found in the comments to the picture of a nice looking girl. Christopher meloni says he likes to work out naked.

A Big List Of Cloning Jokes!

However, this meme perfectly captures what star wars canon can do. Because everyone on the dark side was pale? They were a lot of things, but stupid summed them up perfectly.