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Colonoscopy Jokes Images. The best 37 colonoscopy jokes. No s**t, sherlock. i had a colonoscopy recently and believe it or not getting the camera up there doesn't hurt as much as you might think.

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The screen is for my benefit, mr. A proctologist once told me to lie on my left side. Good news”, she said “they found your head”.

I Went For A Colonoscopy The Other Day.

There are certain medical procedures that have long been the butt of jokes (and puns), including, of course, the colonoscopy. See more ideas about colonoscopy humor, colonoscopy, humor. The best hand of all had some buddies over to play poker the night before my colonoscopy.

And I Have The Video From My Colonoscopy To Prove It.

#funny #laugh #guy #colonoscopy #theme #song #countdown #levee #breaks #eruption. Humor is a powerful tool for easing awkward or uncomfortable situations and helping people relax.between all the colonoscopy jokes about the procedure being a pain in the ass, and people wondering. See more ideas about colonoscopy humor, humor, colonoscopy.

Anderson, Said The Doctor, And This Isn't My First Colonoscopy. Your Colonoscopy Went Well, I Understand. Said Sherlock To Watson.

A list of puns related to colonoscopy colonoscopies are fun. As he lay on his side on the table, the doctor got ready to do the examination. (also, we all know that “do not” isn’t even a choice.

'You Don't Need A Colonoscopy, But I'm Sending You For One Because, Quite Frankly, I Don't Like You.' Cartoonist:

Relevant newest # season 2 # scared # starz # clean # cleaning # love # season 2 # starz # jim # the one # day # today # exam # prostate # talking # eric cartman # looking # checking # rotum The best 37 colonoscopy jokes. Get link for other social networks.

The Doctor Says, At This Point In The Process, It's Normal To Experience An Erection. The Guys Says, But, Doctor, I Don't Have An Erection. The Doctor Says, I.

Facebook twitter email copy link. When i got home from work the next day my wife said, “the doctor called with your colonoscopy results. Hysterias and posteriors. this was not acceptable either, so in an effort to satisfy the council, they changed the sign to:

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