Condom Jokes One Liners

Condom Jokes One Liners. Many more one liner jokes. The pharmacist replies, “yes, aisle 11.”.

When you don't usea condomDe motivation, us / demotivation posters
When you don't usea condomDe motivation, us / demotivation posters from

The funny joke above was submitted by a visitor! The one about the good ol' boys! The blonde goes to the isle.

Turn It Inside Out And Wash The Fu#K.

Choro yaar bechara akela hai aur hum teen. Condom joke submitted by trevor. 4) when in doubt shroud you spout.

A Tired Doctor Was Awakened By A Phone Call In The Middle Of The Night.

All the nuns gasp, and some turn white, except for one, who is laughing quietly. Cover me i’m going in. A beautiful woman approaches a pharmacist and asks, “do you have extra large condoms?”.

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The pharmacist calls over to her, “do you need some help?”. The first nun said, i was cleaning the father's room the other. 3) don't be silly, protect your willie.

“Proof That We Don’t Understand Death Is That We Give Dead People A Pillow.”.

See top 20 condoms from collection of 872 jokes and puns rated by visitors. Don’t be a joker, wrap your poker. Baby fly landed on the sandwich as the coroner took a bite.

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Here are some funny condom jokes. The one about the condom fitter! See more ideas about jokes, condom jokes, bones funny.