Cough Drop Jokes

Cough Drop Jokes. But, the bumping noise continued behind him.he stopped and turned to see what it was. The gecko saw it and went to ask for a hit and the sloth said sure man!

My cough drop is encouraging... In all the years I've used these I can
My cough drop is encouraging… In all the years I've used these I can from

Two hillbillies walk into a restaurant. She bring me only one piss. The aggressive darkness and inky black yielded with grudging compliance but always seeming to push back.

(Dominic Cleary) β€œIf A Doctor Treats Your Cold, It Will Go Away In Fourteen Days.

A coffin is the box that dead people are buried in. On plate, you sonna ma b*tch! Then i go to pharmacia with a cougha.

The Ball Was Dropped At The Ball Drop.

Enjoy the best cough jokes ever! Some famous quotes & jokes about being sick! While having a bite to eat, they talk.

Frantically, Jim Scavenged The Cabinets For Anything He Could Use To Fight It.

The english language is bizzare there was a young girl from slough who choked on. His breath is coming in sobbing gasps. My friend told me, did you know trees drop edible stuff, that aren't fruit? that's nuts. i replied.

A Sloth Was On The Top Of A Tree Smoking Weed.

My nose is cold, my toes are numb. A pharmacist goes out for lunch. Take a big hit that's some good shit.

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Three boys go into a haunted house. The woman responds β€œi bet i can, drop your pants.”. Following is our collection of funny coughy jokes.