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Dark Humor Dad Jokes Reddit. “you know, you could do better.”. So whether or not you have kids of your own, read on for 20 of the funniest dad jokes that reddit has to offer.

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I don’t know what she’s talking about, the fridge is working fine. The father sighs and says, “you know, you could do better.” “thanks, dad,” the son says. The father shakes his head and goes, “i was talking to your girlfriend.”.

My Thoughts Are With His Family.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. “i have an imaginary girlfriend.”. Dark humor is like clean water.

“You Know, You Could Do Better.”.

Posted by 15 days ago. To be clear, dad status is not a requirement. Following is our collection of funny black humor jokes.

Parents In Beverly Hills Fired Their Nannies And Learned Their Children's Names.

There are also dead puns for kids, 5 year olds, boys and girls. I just got my doctor’s test results and i’m really upset about it. The father sighs and says:

After A Moment Or Two, The Vet Shook His Head And Sadly Said, I'm Sorry, Your Duck, Cuddles, Has Passed Away.

There's usually a dead baby. The funniest sub on reddit. Give a man a gun and the black man will stop stealing from him.

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There are also dark puns for kids, 5 year. We're all different and excellent. Those of you who have teens can tell them clean dark darkness dad jokes.