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Death Joke One Liners. She always was known for her killer puns. Bubba got drunk and died in a fire in his trailer.

An Old Man on His deathbed Funny Joke Funny Jokes Jokes Of The Day
An Old Man on His deathbed Funny Joke Funny Jokes Jokes Of The Day from

I said, “well, you are in a wheelchair.”. A woman on death row was asked what she wanted for her last meal “i don’t know, what do you want?”. Death, doctor, life, people, sarcastic.

And Fat Girls Thinking They Look Sexy Dressed As Cats.

For obvious reasons, the concept of death has grown into something we dread. A tree house is the biggest insult to a tree. I just got my doctor’s test results and i’m really upset about it.

Today Was A Terrible Day.

Humans are scared of hippos because they are violent and responsible for hundreds of deaths per year but people kill way more people per year so that’s just being. Behind the man was a line of about 50 men walking single file. My wife told me she’s sick of me pushing her around and talking behind her back.

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My ex got hit by a bus, and i lost my job as a bus driver. Oxygen is proven to be a. 11 i think the death penalty is a good idea.

Turns Out, I’m Not Gonna Be A Doctor.

The priest says, i have something i need to confess. He sits down and immediately mauls to death and devours the woman on the stool next to him. He was dying to get into the funeral business.