Did Carlos Mencia Steal Jokes

Did Carlos Mencia Steal Jokes. Carlos mencia (ned) admits he steals jokes! To civilians, telling the same crappy taco bell joke as a contemporary might not seem like that big of a deal.

Whatever Happened To Carlos Mencia?
Whatever Happened To Carlos Mencia? from www.looper.com

Carlos mencia has been accused of stealing jokes from many other comics. Mencia also admitted that he stole jokes in a showtime documentary about the comedy industry (also on youtube), but he compared his stealing to. Instead, mencia states that “george lopez actually said on howard stern that he doesn’t want any other hispanic comedians to make it other than him”.

Who Has Also Accused Mencia Of Stealing Jokes,” A Heinous Crime Among Comedians.

What i do find amusing, however, is that his real name is ned mencia (and, no, that’s not a joke). Carlos mencia has been accused of stealing jokes from many other comics. I’ve never been much a fan of carlos mencia’s comedy, but stealing jokes from other comics just isn’t cool.

But Honestly That’s The Only Joke Yet Everyone On Youtube Comments Won’t Shut Up About Him Stealing.

The bill cosby “hi mom” joke. Which honestly yeah pretty clearly stolen but mencia does it way better. This is just one of the most obvious ones.

I’ve Even Tried Looking Up Old Internet Forums To See Specially What.

Property of ifc films, and uber content. In the comedy circuit, carlos mencia has a pretty inescapable reputation as a joke thief. Many years later, carlos mencia performed a bit about athletes and their parents that hearkened back to a cosby bit from his album bill cosby:

Instead, Mencia States That “George Lopez Actually Said On Howard Stern That He Doesn’t Want Any Other Hispanic Comedians To Make It Other Than Him”.

It’s difficult to prove if the jokes were stolen or if it was simply a coincidence, but here is a look at 10 successful comedians accused of stealing jokes. As you may have heard, mencia stole a lot of jokes. I would wager that mencia would not withstand a single hit from rogan.

For Example, Three Years Ago Comedian Joe Rogan Called Mencia Out Very Publicly On Stage At Los Angeles?S The Comedy Store For Stealing Jokes From His.

Not that he lets anyone get away with the accusation. Almost fell asleep waiting for cosby to get to the punch line. Dane cook used at least three jokes that sound very similar to ones from louis c.k.’s album live in houston.