Dirty Australian Jokes

Dirty Australian Jokes. “because i put on the wrong sock this morning.” — brutalanglosaxon 2. Eve, because she made adam's banana stand.

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As the ambulance takes the body away, ricky says, 'someone should go and. As far as dirty jokes go, we can safely say that size doesn’t matter. What is the difference between an australian wedding and an australian funeral?

Who Was The Worlds First Carpenter?

These are very, very, nsfw. After all, life is just one big dirty joke. “i have an imaginary girlfriend.”.

These Are Some Truly Fucked Up Jokes.

An australian, an irishman and a scouser are in a bar. You knew that already that, cocaine.”. They stare and stare, until suddenly the irishman twigs:

'I'm Sorry,' St Peter Said;

All of a sudden a genie popped out and said, i will grant you three wishes, but wish carefully. Cricketers are believed to be good at ironing laundry, so they can easily spot a crease. Whats the best thing about dating homeless chicks?

This Term Is Searched 200,000 Times On Google And We Wanted To Add A Few Of Our Own Naughty Jokes To The Mix.

“because your mum loves roses. An aussie blonde was sent on her way to heaven. He thought that he might be able to sell it and make some money so he started cleaning it up, rubbing it with his sleeve.

“Why Is My Sister Named Rose?” Asked The Boy.

He's so familiar, and not recognizing him is driving them mad. From our childhood to teenage years, then into adulthood, these gems are responsible for a lot of laughter and a few pity chuckles. What does a perverted frog say?