Dirty Chuck Norris Jokes

Dirty Chuck Norris Jokes. If you play stairway to heaven backwards, you can hear chuck norris banging your sister. Chuck norris doesn’t wear a watch.

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Enjoy This Collection Of The Best Chuck Norris Jokes Ever Page 5 from enthralling.eu

The best 75 chuck norris jokes. Mission impossible was originally set in chuck norris’s house. Chuck norris doesn’t read books.

Elvis Used To Call Chuck Norris The King.

When chuck norris throws exceptions, it’s across the room. 2 chuck norris counted to infinity. Chuck norris’ wife always immediately tells him why she’s angry.

Top 20 Random Chuck Norris Jokes.

After all, you have to admit chuck norris jokes are hilarious. When chuck norris slices onions, the onions cry. Chuck norris has a grizzly bear carpet in his room.

The Missing Piece In The Apple Logo Is A Bite Taken By Chuck Norris.

The best 75 chuck norris jokes. Unless that man is chuck norris. Chuck norris once heard that nothing can kill him.

When Chuck Norris Does Division, There Are No Remainders.

99 unbeatable chuck norris jokes. Without further adieu, here is every chuck norris joke worth telling to your friends and family: You’re the man of the family now.”.

Some Kids Piss Their Name Into Snow, Chuck Norris Can Piss His Name Into Concrete.

1 chuck norris died 20 years ago. Chuck norris is so fast he can run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head. — 46th of 82 chuck norris jokes.