Dirty Elephant Jokes

Dirty Elephant Jokes. He wasn't a fan of brief cases, he preferred trunks. In short, these jokes about elephants are perfect for kids and adults.

Dirty Elephant Jokes. Best dirty jokes ever
Dirty Elephant Jokes. Best dirty jokes ever from tjbishopfineart.com

Then the teacher asks for an animal that begins with a t. Enjoy these great elephant jokes. All of them are clean and awesome.

Why Does The Elephant Bring Toilet Paper To The Party?

Why did the elephant cross the road? This list includes elephant ears jokes, jokes about two elephants, call an elephant jokes, and what would you get if you cross an elephant jokes. What did the momma elephant say to her.

Check Out This List Of Some Dirty Elephant Jokes That Might Inspire You.

How do you get an elephant up a tree? After that she asks for an animal beginning with m. There is an empty mini cooper car parked outside your house.

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What do you do when you come across an elephant in the jungle? Man visits india and meets an old man in the town square who is renowned for his elephantine memory. “oh that’s nothing” replies the mother.

The Teacher Sends The Boy Out Of The Class For Bad Behaviour.

A mum, dad and their son go to the zoo. You want the world’s #1 funniest elephant joke.and you surely deserve it. I suppose when you've seen one lion catch an elephant, you've seen a maul.

You Paint His Toenails Red.

They are quite notorious for their vengeance. We get to learn and understand more about the life of an elephant. What does tarzan say when he sees a herd of elephants in the distance?