Dirty Hot Weather Jokes

Dirty Hot Weather Jokes. 117 funny weather jokes that you don’t want to mist! Other days, you just have to weather the storm.

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How hot is it in southern california? Unlike oysters, we’re not shellfish with our arsenal of puns; It’s so hot my dream house in any house in alaska.

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He gets up early and eager, makes his lunch, hooks up his boat and off he goes, all day long. Despite the hot weather, there are still ways to have some fun. The clouds did not come out because it was feeling under the weather.

It’s So Hot You Discover That It Only Takes 2 Fingers To Drive Your Car.

Took off his yellow jacket. What kind of tree fits in your hand? It’s so hot cows are giving evaporated milk.

Sometimes, You Have To Keep A Weather Eye Open.

It’s so hot that you can’t make a chili dog. Boil the hell out of it! Here are our favorite picks:

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The woman opened the door, and there stood a young girl, a jehovah's witness, soaking wet. The door slowly opened and out of the craft came a little green fella who saw the man and shouted “hey! Following is our collection of funny hot weather jokes.

It’s So Hot, When The Temperature Drops Below 95 I Start To Feel Chilly.

It’s so hot i saw a funeral procession pull through a dairy queen. What do you call six weeks of rain in scotland? The mercury just keeps on rising.