Dirty Plane Jokes

Dirty Plane Jokes. I caught my teenage son flying a kite during a thunderstorm, after i told him not to do it. Let your humour be ready for take off and fly high with these funny flying jokes and puns.

The Best Aviation Jokes
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A bar of plane chocolate. The employee on the other end put him on hold by saying, ‘. I need each of you to stick your hand out the door, feel around, and tell me which city we are flying over.

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What is the name of the movie in which the pilots fight each other to park their planes at the end of the day? And a lot wider than i remember it too. The same pilot jumped out and said, do anything you want to me, but my wife is in the plane and you have to tell her where i was last night! vote:

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Toilet paper hanging on the clotheslines. When chuck norris goes through airport security he makes them take their shoes off. A space pilot who lives dangerously is called han yolo.

Swallow These 7 Balloons Of Heroin And Get On This Flight To Los Angeles.

A man boards a plane with six children of various ages. ‘never tell the platoon sergeant. After the plane takes off, the cowboy asks for a whiskey and soda, which is promptly brought and placed before him.

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A baptist preacher sits next to a cowboy on a flight. Here are our favorite picks: A frenchman, englishman, and an american are flying in an airplane on a cloudy, storming night when suddenly the plane is struck by lightning.

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Always use better judgement so you nose how to dive. A guy gets from a plane and goes to a brothel house, he knocks on the door and an attractive woman opens the door. Appalled, the preacher replies, i'd rather be tied up and taken advantage of.