Do Stairs Go Up Or Down Joke

Do Stairs Go Up Or Down Joke. Liverpool, united kingdom #1 oct 03, 2005 @ 21:55:53. Just moved into a new home and found out that it doesn't have a basement.

UporDown Which way is the cat going?
UporDown Which way is the cat going? from

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They’re Always Up To Something.

And these stairs that went down to the basement, did they go up also? Well i would say they go up coz they must of been built upwards. The gentleman picked the lady up, and they headed to the river to his fishing boat… read more »up or down

Peter Says, To Get To The Gates, You Need To Climb The Stairs, But On Each Stair Is A Joke Or A Riddle.

Peter at a staircase with 100 stairs. Go to your room and don't come back out until you've thought long and hard about what you've done. This joke may contain profanity.

He Opens The Door And Goes Clumsily Up The Stairs With The Sheep Still Under His Arm.

They're always up to something or they always let you down. What is the biggest key when moving a piano up a flight of stairs?. The priest hands the woman $1.

So This Guy Has Been Drinking With His Buddies All Night And He's As Drunk As A Skunk, Gets Home, Falls Up The Stairs, Undresses And Goes To Bed Next To His Wife.

Mama, mama, tony took off his pants and he's got hairy legs! What goes up and down stairs with out moving? The man shouts, and he punches her in the face, knocks her out.

A Physicist Might Say That Going Up Requires The Burning Of More Calories (Work), Than Going Down Stairs, Though.

They babies are out of her belly and gone! [editor choice:] 1) thats a real bargain. That's why you want to do everything fast, even climb stairs fast , so you skip stairs.