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Dr Vinnie Boombatz Jokes. I told him i’d swallowed a. Vinnie boombatz gotta make an appointment to get me my shots he’s comin by for a house call at eleven o’clock a pharmaceutical handout is.

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Vinnie boombatz.00:25 “what a doctor. Rodney dangerfield’s top 10 doctor jokes. Then don't raise your arm over your head. mattmaroon is thus saying:

I Told Him I Had Diarrhea.

Doctor vinnie boombotz is rodney dangerfield's fictional doctor. Member since june 22nd 2022; “ here i come to save the day “ , “ mighty mouse is on the way “.

One Of His Dr Boombatz Jokes Went Something Like This :

You know my doctor, dr. I told him, ‘doc, i swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills.’. When i watch old dangerfield standup on youtube, it is wonderful and it blows me away, but i'm curious about something.

Response To Dr Vinnie Boombotz Jan 13, 2005.

Doctor, it hurts when i raise my arm over my head. vinnie boombatz: Some of this shit you could never get away with today but it’s amazing how well most of it still. Rodney dangerfield always joked about his awful doctor, dr.

I Called Him Last Week.

Just a regular blind monkey looking for a buck. Vinnie boombatz which also causes the audience to immediately applause. (rodney dangerfield is a late american comedian.) rodney had a famous joke that i will paraphrase below:

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“i tell you, with my doctor, i don’t get no respect. I told him i had diarrhea. Vinnie boombatz by bad motivator, released 09 february 2012 he brings his goodies in a bag he keeps yo money in a stash he never wants you to feel bad he treats the monkey on your back gotta call my doctah dr.