Drummer Joke Memes

Drummer Joke Memes. A big list of drummers jokes! I've got a brand new jaguar.

15 Top Drummer Meme Jokes and Pictures QuotesBae
15 Top Drummer Meme Jokes and Pictures QuotesBae from quotesbae.com

The 23 best drummer jokes ever, musicradar. November 14, 2019 (updated march 23, 2021) published by cover band central. I find these funny too.

He Called His Friend Who Owned A Used Car Lot And Explained The Situation.

You're in luck, the friend told the drummer. How many drummers does it take to change a light bulb? A drummer needed a car, but only had $200.

A Horse Is Hanging Out In A Barn Watching Mtv.

I find these funny too. “for my next trick, i will eat a percussion sandwich. What did the drummer name his children?

I've Got A Brand New Jaguar.

A collection of jokes i have found over the years about drummers. So they can dress for the gig on saturday, walk around on sunday without getting hit by a car, and pick up trash on monday. 21 of them, in fact!

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See more ideas about drums quotes, drums, drummer. So, after years of drummers like ringo starr, dave grohl, and animal from the muppets entertaining us while they keep the beat, the least we can do is give you some drummer jokes (and yes, some drummer puns — why not?) to make you and your little percussionist laugh. I saw someone drumming on an algebra text book with two wooden sticks.

A List Of 47 Drummer Puns!

How do drummers brush their teeth? So, go ahead and try out some of these jokes at your next gathering or party. Only problem is, he's a horse.