Dumb Golf Jokes

Dumb Golf Jokes. The friend is quite amazed: Golfers react to 15 unforegettable golf jokes.

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10 funniest golf jokes a classic: Whether you just enjoy golfing on vacation or hit the green each week, here are some clever puns about golf for every fan! The ball falls down and lands exactly in the golf hole.

The Little Dog Starts To Yip And Stands Up On Its Hind Legs.

A man and his friend meet at the clubhouse to play a round of golf together. An amateur golfer is one who addresses the ball twice… once before swinging. Again, he hears, “ribbit 9 iron.”.

Mulligans Are The Reason Golf Balls Come Three To A Sleeve.

The eagle goes even further, but a hunter shoots it down. Golf is the most fun game you can play with two trousers and a cap on; “why do golfers carry two gloves?”.

But Each Time The Ball Splashes Into The Drink.

When it's the farmers turn, he shoots and the ball ends up in the woods. It takes a serious amount of balls to golf like i do. A guy on vacation finishes his round, goes into the clubhouse.

The Man Looks Around And Doesn’t See Anyone.

He looks at the frog and. A united states citizen is vacationing on his own in ireland. The pot builds throughout the day until they reach the 18th green, where charlie has a chance to putt for dough.

After A Few Minutes, A Squirrel Hiding In The Tree Takes The Ball And Goes Down.

A man goes to a clairvoyant, who says ‘i see lots of sand, trees and water. Finally he blurted out to his caddie, “i’d move heaven and earth to break a hundred on this course.” “try heaven,” replied the caddie. A game where you yell fore, you get six, and you write five.