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Elf Pun Jokes. What do you call an elf entrepreneur? This pun would work particularly well as a visual/comic pun.

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Enjoy over 10.000 jokes and quotes! 1 tweet self made vol. “cost an arm and a legolas ,” and “one legolas at a time,” and “shake a legolas ,” and “show a little legolas (which could work as a play on elves being short and on legolas being an elf).”.

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Will ferrell in elf.their joy for christmas is infectious, not to mention the silly outfits — including those cute little shoes — that put a smile on our faces.so, if you’re looking to up your dad joke game (or mom jokes, since we know moms have the real game), knowing some good elf jokes is the way to go. The elf turned his phone to silent because he found the rings to be monotonous. What do you call an elf who runs off and stops working for santa?

Blood, Sweat And Elf Tweet Blood, Sweat.

What do elves say when meeting mutual friends? Elves are generally one of two types, those that are christmas elves, and traditional fantasy based elves. Enjoy these funny else jokes and puns.

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After a brief examination, the medicine man took out a long, thin strip of elk rawhide and gave it to the chief, telling him to bite off, chew, and swallow one inch of the leather every day. To adults, it’s time to feel your shelf with hilarious elf jokes. An elf happens to be a mythical creature which resembles humans in nature, has got magical powers and will not age as well.

Whether Your Kids Love Silly Knock Knock Jokes, Are Particularly Fond Of Puns Or Love Question And Answer Jokes, We Have All The Best Elf Jokes To Make Your Christmas Time As Merry As Can Be.

These elf jokes will have your kids laughing out loud, and are a great way to get into the christmas spirit as a family. A rebel without a claus. Fairy folklore sprite dwarf brownie hob leprechaun goblin imp pixie gremlin supernatural faerie demon ghoul.

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Elf puns are popular in each genre, and some may confuse them if they are not familiar with them. Elf puns and funny quotes. These jokes about elfs will for sure make them laugh.