Ellie Joke Book Last Of Us

Ellie Joke Book Last Of Us. Four of them are in chapter 5 (pittsburgh) and one is in chapter 6 (the suburbs). An abandoned book store in pittsburgh #5:

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Go to the back, then look into one of the windows with a model on it and talk to ellie. Rated m for blood and gore, intense violence, nudity, sexual content, strong language, use of drugsstrive to survive in this sequel to. The last of us 2:

After Talking With Her, Wait For Ellie To Walk Around, Then She Will Stop And Trigger Her Jokes.

I have cleared the bookstore and waited around in like 5 different spots in the bookstore for ellie to tell her joke for about 5 minutes a piece. My favorite joke was the scarecrow one: Hey there was enough room in my joke book so i wrote my own joke in it.

I Then Loaded That Save Which Meant Everyone In The Book Store Was Still Dead, Went To The Camp Fire And She Got The Jokes Out Almost Straight Away.

Survive all of ellie's jokes [gold]there are a total of 5 jokes. * “that’s all i got ” (gold trophy) — survive all of ellie’s jokes. 5 reasons why it's better (& 5 reasons it isn't) if players can manage to get through all the jokes in the book they're rewarded with a trophy, that's all i got.

I Was Having Trouble With This And Didn't Want To Restart The Whole Encounter So I Made A Manual Save After Clearing Out The Book Store When I Realised Ellie Wasn't Going To Get The Joke Book Out.

The following puns are known to have come from this book when ellie announces the book's title in the pittsburgh chapter. An abandoned book store in pittsburgh #5: Before swimming in the swamp to get inside the hotel building.

Osborn2009 8 Years Ago #1.

In the flooded street, wait for ellie after having the conversation about the skinny model advertisement. Okay i admit, that was a good. The book can be seen again in ellie's.

When You Get To The Hotel, Follow Our Instructions To Open The Safe, Then When You Head Back Up The Ladder To Get To The Second Floor, Wait Until Ellie Pulls Out Her Joke Book.

It is one of ellie's personal belongings and is already in her backpack at the start of the chapter. It doesn't matter how much you push the envelope. 2 joke in tlou and tlou:lb.