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Firefighter Cop Jokes. Enjoy the best firefighter jokes ever! We collected only funny firefighter jokes around the web.

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When a call comes in, things get real — real fast. A fire chief died and went to heaven. The angels replied, “you’ll have to wait in.

What Do Cops And Firefighters Have In Common?

Enjoy the best firefighter jokes ever! That’s why firefighter humor is a tradition as old as fire. The firefighter's wings fall off.

Police And Firefighters Have A Healthy Rivalry, But When It Comes Down To It, There's Only One Brotherhood.

See more ideas about firefighter humor, firefighter quotes, firefighter. He was comfortable in playing the game because he was in the hot seat! It’s enlightenment that there is more to this career than risking and staring at danger.

What Is The Name Of A Female Police Officer Playing The Electric Guitar?

Why do firemen wear red suspenders? They both wanted to be firefighters. What usually comes after the monster lights the.

Firefighter Are The Guys Or Gals Who Couldnt Pass The Police Exam.

There are zero jokes about firefighters because they are all facts! He declared, this boy is not arson anymore! 32. Clean jokes about firemen, firewomen and fire fighting.

He Declared, “This Boy Is Not Arson Anymore!”.

The ladder a man was trapped in a burning building and a firefighter yelled through the window, you have two possible exit points, this ladder or the stairs. the man chose the latter. The firefighter was shocked when he got to know that one of his two sons had set fire to the building. The wagon was being pulled by her dog and her cat.