Funny Aquarius Jokes

Funny Aquarius Jokes. “sir, the eels have fur all over them and are humanoid too!”. After i gathered all my courage, i said to him.

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We're staunch defenders of equality and freedom, but also think our opinions are the only valid ones. We hope you will find these aquarius venus puns funny enough to. They just sometimes like to be alone to recharge, and they can seem a bit guarded when they meet someone new.

It Will Almost Feel As Though This Is The Official Start Of The New Year.

They also make the best and most loyal friends…often at the expense of their own mental health. You’re quick, literate, and inventive.”. My boss looked so surprised, and was silent for a minute or two.

What Does An Aquarius Look Like?

If we say that you've changed our mind on something, we're probably. Throw them to the lions said the head keeper, the lions will eat anything. Though seemingly detached, aquarians are attracted to witty and smart people.

One Day, The Uncle Unfortunately Passes Away.

So, we gathered some aquarius memes for the occasion. “i’m not ghosting on you. 15) gotta love funny aquarius memes… “hiding all of your problems from the world and never becoming vulnerable.

They Keep Their Hearts Closely Guarded, And Then Wonder Why They Seem So Unapproachable To Outsiders.

Ironically, although the aquarius symbol is the water bearer, it is one of the zodiac signs that appreciate dry humor the most. See top 2 aquarius from collection of 2 jokes and puns rated by visitors. As she swam and splashed around in the pool, she soon discovered that the bikini was too large, and the top and bottom.

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There are over 50 short jokes that are kid friendly! A man had an uncle who happened to own a zoo. So the young keeper returned to the aquarium, picked up all the dead fish and threw them into the lion's cage.