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Funny Arabic Jokes. Touch device users can explore by touch or with swipe. A list of 44 arabic puns!

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Don’t forget to leave a smile. But it was a false salaam. ولك اير جحش في كس ام اكبر شيعي.

One More, And I Can Make A Basketball Team! The English Says:

حتى انجس كس شرموطة اشرف من لحية الخميني والسيستاني. In this article, we went after arabic. Some idiot asked me what the 27th letter of the arabic alphabet is.

As They Were Walking In The Heat They Saw An Old Abandoned Car.

They were thirsty and hungry and started loosing hope of survival. A man goes to a doctor and explains that he’s been having strange dreams lately. A joke originally told in arabic.

We Have Put Together A List Of Puns And Jokes That Are Only Relatable If You Know A Little Arabic.

Subscribe to get the latest news and fun happenings in the region. They ran to it and the american straight away popped the hood and ripped out radiator telling the other two : A joke originally told in arabic.

Because He Killed Half My People.

Take a break and read these funny arabic jokes in english dream on. English, american and arab guy bragging in a bar about their large family. A list of puns related to arabic thought i heard someone say “hello” in arabic.

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A great way to learn your arabic letters. The doctor asks him what is that dreaming problem. Ok, take this medicine, the doctor says.