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Funny Joke About Pie. 85 best pie jokes that are deliciously funny fruit pie jokes. A captain told his crew not to bother with treasure, just raid the kitchens and steal the desserts.

25+ Hilarious Pi Jokes And Puns! LaffGaff
25+ Hilarious Pi Jokes And Puns! LaffGaff from

A colleague this week told me about his time working in a pie factory, and his witty anecdotes helped me chose a topic for this week’s one liners, so here are some pie jokes. Fruit cobbler jokes, sweet pie humor, and fruity. A baker lined up pies to measure how many of each kind were left.

In Jamaica You Can Get A Steak And Kidney Pie For £1.75, A Chicken And Mushroom Pie For £1.60 And An Apple Pie For £2.15.In St Kitts And Nevis A Steak And Kidney Pie Will Cost You £2, A Chicken Pie (Without Mushrooms) Is £1.70 And A Cherry Pie Can Be Yours For £1.95.In Trinidad And Tobago, T.

These are the pie rates of the caribbean. Today is pi day thanks, america! How many grams of protein are in an sweet potato pi?

They Were Having Crust Issues.

Aren’t these pi jokes the funniest? You know what they say about pi day. 3.) what is the most mathematical type of snake?

My Most Favourite Song Is Only And Only Cutie Pie.

Why did the apple pie go. We're not just a gag kitchen! Pie jokes, pi puns, tart humor, 3.14 laughs (because fruit pastry jokes and ala mode puns could never be too mainstream if you're baking up a pie chart!) warning:

Top 10 Of The Funniest Pie Jokes And Puns.

Following is our collection of funny pot pie jokes. The best 15 pot pie jokes. “it is approximately 3 and 1/7″ the physicist said:

1 Slice Of Apple Pie Will Cost You $2.45 In Jamaica.

The pie puns and jokes are basically endless. In the bahamas, a slice of pie costs $5.50. They’re even better than our banana jokes!