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Funny Jokes Dark Humor Orphans. I love a protagonist with a twisted back story. Turns out, i’m not gonna be a doctor.

Jokes on you I’m an orphan thanosdidnothingwrong
Jokes on you I’m an orphan thanosdidnothingwrong from

I’m taking your toys to the orphanage. Not all dark humor jokes are created equal. We hope you will find these orphan dead.

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Dark humor is like clean water. Every bag of chips is familly sized. A big list of orphans jokes!

So You Won’t Be Bored.

I think it’s the reminder of your own mortality that makes you more eager to accept the levity of a good joke. These are not for everyone. It’s a collection of my 40 favorite orphan jokes.

I Just Got My Doctor’s Test Results And I’m Really Upset About It.

The judge asks for one good reason he should be shown any mercy. My parents aren’t home 😉 orphan: He was so good, i.

They Don’t Know What A Full House Is.

Because they need a parent signature. Following is our collection of funny orphan jokes. Can orphans eat at a family restaurant?

You’re Going To Need Them.

What’s the difference between puppies and orphans. Nothing special, we just tell them they’re going to die. But if you’re still reading, i’m guessing you have a sick sense of humor just like i do.