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Funny Stop Sign Jokes. Charge an arm and a leg. Do you have a joke?

Stop Sign Jokes
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Suddenly a siren goes off and seemingly out of nowhere a police car is trailing. Bosnia and herzegovina bus stop truck stop, a type of rest stop for truck drivers rail stop, colloquialism for a railway station stop, a 1970 american film.; On the door of the delivery room in the maternity suite at st mary's.

The Cop Says So Do You Want Me To Slow Down Or Stop?

Dog pliceman stop sign police dog on duty with stop sign and hand , isolated on white blank background. Curious, she opened it and found 3 eggs and 10,000 dollars. The man says, “ok, but i slowed down though”.

Her Husband Asks, “Why Are You So Happy.

The cop shook his head. See more ideas about signs, stop sign, bones funny. Jokes / june 12, 2022.

Maybe It’s A Snail Crossing.

“hey, lady, did you forget how to stop?” yelled an irate man. One inside the building and one outside. Charge an arm and a leg.

The Cop Says, “ You Ran A Stop Sign Back There”.

A man tells his wife that he’s going out to buy cigarettes. Dota quotes love tagalog, filipino funniest pictures, funny jokes about gravity, bandit in. After being away on business, tim thought it would be nice to bring his wife a little gift.

Co The Cop Tells Him You Did Not Stop At The Stop Sign And Than He Has To Give Him A Ticket.

The cop said well you didn't stop at the stop sign, you slowed down and keep going slow down, stop whats the difference said the man so the cop pulls out his nightstick and starts beating the man. Or, more likely, it’s a creative way to ask drivers to slow down in this area. Sign bandit rewords stop signs life funny pictures.